Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Journey as a BLOGGER

I am not into blogging, not really, but I am inspired by other people who are into it, that is why I am blogging. My sister Pehpot is one of my inspirations in blogging. I am just starting to learn the ins and outs of blogosphere and I hope I won’t get tired of doing so.

I may not be online all the time, and I may not be able to write every day that comes but I am still connected to the web world because of my blog.

And this will be my official entry for Red’s blogversary contest.


  1. hi, late blog visit. thanks for joining my contest

  2. Welcome to blogging,I'm telling you, you gonna love it!:)
    I'm visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange.

  3. Hi... I may not be considered a newbie in blogging but am still taking baby blogging steps! But Willa is right,blogging is so much fun =)
    Visiting from The Bloggers Exchange.
    Have a nice weekend.

    My Nipa Hut

  4. hello! dropping by from the bloggers exchange! :D

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  6. Hello! Any updates?

    hopping from TBE!

    joys in life
    all about her
    fashionista in me
    healthy lifestyle

  7. Visiting here sis through TBE, followed na rin your blog

  8. hello! visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange