Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drama Queen

Whenever I see a black website, I cringe not because I hate black but some of the sites I have seen, they do not know what will look good on black and what will make it an eyesore. So when I saw DRAMA QUEEN, I was impressed by the color combination in the site.

This site is a three column template where in the main column is in the middle. I love the fact that the color black was toned down and was not used as the background color of the main column. It lights up the site and made more interesting to read ( in my point of view). The sidebar being black adds and made the main column stands out.

This blog has the same author as It's Not Always About Me, and I think the very colorful fonts will be the trademark of Yuuki. And I am not complaining since I have mentioned before, she knows color.

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

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